Peer Mentor Program

PDI-POA MembershipThe Peer Mentor Program is an exclusive PDI-POA member benefit providing professional networking, support, and development opportunities for members at all stages of their protocol careers. Participants are matched in pairs in which they may serve in the role of mentor, mentee, or both. Pairs work together to set goals that will help each of them to progress in their skills and professional knowledge.

In addition to regular one-on-one meetings between the paired members, all participants in the PMP are invited to attend quarterly group mentoring sessions to discuss progress toward goals and hear from one another about topics of shared interest.

Reasons to participate in the PMP Program:

  • Exchange knowledge & ideas by connecting with positive and energetic mindsets
  • Uplift your networking skills & opportunities via our group mentoring sessions
  • Benefit from insights in the field of personal development
  • Develop business & career objectives
  • Gain credible & valuable business experience through the mentor/mentee/partner pairing

If you have questions about the PMP, please contact us by email at [email protected]

PDI-POA Members: Learn more about the PMP and sign up to participate